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What are the technical specifications of the picture I would like to put on my suitcase?

We get the best print quality, if a picture has a resolution of 300 dpi which corresponds to the size of 5000x3000px. In order to make a picture printable on a suitcase, it has to have a resolution of at least 15 dpi. You may check the resolution of your picture by pressing right mouse button, selecting “properties” and then “details” tab.

If you are using graphic images from an image bank, you don’t have to worry about anything. We will use the picture that will ensure the best print quality.

What are the sizes of particular suitcases?

THIS IS ME suitcases have the following capacities:

small – 40 litres

medium – 70 litres

large – 100 litres

What is the warranty on THIS IS ME suitcases?

All THIS IS ME suitcases are under a two-year warranty. Here you can see the terms of the warranty [link to the content of the warranty].

Does a small THIS IS ME suitcase meet the requirements of low-cost carriers regarding the size of the hand baggage?

A small THIS IS ME suitcase has dimensions of 55x34x20 cm. This means you can take it onboard. This also applies to most of the low-cost carriers, but in their case it does not always qualify as a free baggage. When planning a trip, check the size of a suitcase that is allowed by your carrier.

Can the picture on a suitcase be replaced?

The application of the picture is one-time and permanent. The technology that we use guarantees durability and the highest quality of the presentation of a graphic of your choice. The technology is of such a lasting nature that it doesn’t permit any changes of the picture.

Can I see the THIS IS ME suitcases before buying in a traditional shop?

THIS IS ME suitcases is a product we create on your request. This means that it is unique. They are available only on our website and cannot be purchased in other stores. See the presentation of the suitcases on our website, you’ll find that the quality of workmanship and aesthetics are of the highest standard. We are sure you will be very happy with your THIS IS ME suitcase!

Where can I repair my THIS IS ME suitcase?

Suitcase service Bubule performs the repairs:

Bubule Polska Centrala

72-005 Wrocław